Our services

My Patient Advocate can help protect your rights as a patient and show you how to make more informed decisions about your healthcare options.

We can assist you in the following areas:

Questions and concerns

When you have questions about your policy, coverage, or bills, we can help you find answers.

Medical bills and statements

We can help you make sense of your medical bills, including identifying the items on statements, verifying the accuracy of charges, and creating an acceptable payment schedule.

Insurance coverage

Insurance coverage can be tricky, and the language used may be vague or may allow the insurer to make critical determinations. We rely on our years of experience with the insurance industry to make sure you understand your coverage options and receive the health benefits you need.

Medical claims processing

We can help you avoid unnecessary delays by helping to streamline the claims process. Acting as your advocate, we can facilitate the process of discovering why claims are not fully covered, are rejected, or are partially paid.

Coverage denials

It can be difficult to determine exactly why a claim was denied. We can assist in the discovery process and serve as an advocate in any disputes with your insurer, so you can avoid a lengthy and expensive appeal process.

Appeal letters

In the event of a protracted dispute over claim payment, we can act as your representative and advocate during the appeal process.

Payment negotiations

We know all the intricate details of insurance policies and can assist you in negotiating discounts, payments, and other options.

Infertility advocacy

With 15 years of experience in this area, we can help with billing and insurance, obtaining coverage for diagnostics, and identifying appropriate physicians and medications.

If you are located in the greater Chicago metropolitan area or northwest Indiana, My Patient Advocate can help you make sense of all your many health insurance options.