Are you over-whelmed by your medical bills?

My Patient Advocate can help you make sense of your medical bills by showing you how to navigate the intricate and ever-expanding world of medical insurance. We examine previously paid bills, new claims, and denials to give you new insight on each individual piece, as well as a better understanding of their combined effects.

Are your health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid claims being rejected?

Many billing and payment problems may stem from rejected claims. My Patient Advocate can help you manage these disputes and protect your rights as a patient and a healthcare consumer.

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Did you know that as many as 80% of medical bills contain errors?

Up to 80% of medical bills contain costly errors; an advocate can help you sort out the mess. Struggling to make a decision about care for an ongoing issue? An advocate can also help you get a second opinion and figure out the best treatment plan.
Source CNN Money

My Patient Advocate reviews all medical charges, fees, and payment schedules for accuracy. Ensuring your healthcare dollars are being used as intended.

What can a patient advocate do for me?

Patient advocates work with healthcare consumers to promote a better understanding of their
insurance plans and medical care options.

At My Patient Advocate, we serve as a liaison between the patient and the healthcare provider,
assisting with matters related to medical billing and payment, insurance coverage, and the
management of medical insurance